My Story

Caricature of Buddy Rathmell Founder of Book Trunk and Avid ReaderI don’t know that I have always loved to read.  I didn’t have a ton of books growing up or an intense desire to read.  I was much more likely to be outside in the woods, riding my bike or playing sports.  We didn’t have TV all that much growing up so a I did read a bit.

It wasn’t until I was in my mid 20’s that I really made reading a priority.  One year I decided to read a book a week and at the end of the year realized how much it had helped me.  After that, I then decided to read two books a week and that was over 10 years ago.  It’s a habit that I hope to keep until I pass from this world.

At some point in my life I read the story of a traveler who booked an extra room on a ship so that it could hold his three trunks of books that he was taking with him.  I remember thinking how cool that would be.  To be able to travel with a big chunk of your library.  Now it’s not only possible but many of us do.  I personally have over 700 books on my Kindle Paper White and my Kindle App on my phone.  I have probably only purchased about 50 of them as the rest have been downloaded for free when promoted by authors or publishers.

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The best part is you don’t even have to book an extra stateroom to keep all your books with you.  Many of you don’t even use an extra device but just use your ipad, phone or even computer.  I personally have really enjoyed the Kindle even though I have a Samsung Note 8.0 for my phone.  It’s just a great device for reading.

I hope that Book Trunk helps you to start on the road to having your own digital trunk of books.  Reading is one of those things that will help you every day especially if you strive to read some non fiction along with your fiction reading.

P.S.  I still love real books.  :-)  Here is some of my library that I brought to Thailand.

Buddy with his library